Ephox Textbox.io – Update

Ephox Textbox.io – Update

This article describes how to work with Microsoft Word using Textbox.io when a document is in Protected Mode.

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November 07, 2016 at 08:47PM


4 thoughts on “Ephox Textbox.io – Update”

  1. Hi Joe, Have you done much work on configuring Textboxio for WCM?
    I recently made two config changes affecting textboxio. The first was to modify the tbio_config.jsp to add new style options to the drop-down. The second was to configure textboxio as the Inplace editor.
    The new styles are now available when editing content via the libaries but they do not show up when using the Inplace editor. So it textboxio seems to use a different config, maybe even instance, for Inplace editing

    1. Hi Stephen, sorry for the late reply. I have not done what you are trying to do. Are you still having the issue? If so, I will look into it. Let me know.

      1. Hi Joe, No I did not get the answer I was looking for. We raised a formal request with IBM and their response was that it was not possible to change the config of Textboxio when used as an Inplace Editor. The Inplace editor is a separate instance. We solved the problem by changing our Presentation Templates to open the editor in dialog mode so that WCM uses the instance of textboxio with the config changes.

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